TIG Welding (GTAW)

Contact San Diego Mobile Welding for any TIG welding service and solution. We service all of the greater San Diego area including La Jolla, Sorrento Valley, Rancho Bernardo, Point Loma, and more, to meet and solve any welding engineer issue presented to us. At San Diego Mobile Welding we are AWS Certified and our experienced welders guarantee a well executed job that you will be satisfied with because our TIG Welding skills are a representation of our workmanship. So when it comes to our TIG welding services, we ensure to every customer a sense of excellence that encompasses reliability, efficiency, and a top quality job.

We are TIG welding experts. Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding is one of the more popular and unique styles of welding that requires the hand of an artist and the head of a engineer. There are many terms used to describe TIG welding which include GTAW (Gas Tungsten-Arc Weld) and Heli-Arc Welding which refers to Helium Arc Welding. Though these terms can be used interchangeably in the world of welding its important to note they are trademark names referring to the same type of welding process known as TIG welding.

Benefits of TIG Welding

Any industry can benefit from the versatility of TIG Welding because this welding technique can be used on virtually any metal including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, titanium and to any dissimilar or exotic alloy. Transportation, shipping, and aircraft construction are industries that prefer to use the delicate process of TIG welding because of the integrity and the quality that is produced from TIG welding. And TIG welding is not exclusive to the big industries. You can apply TIG welding to smaller but equally important jobs such as security fencing, safety hand railing, motorcycle or bicycle frames and especially to time-sensitive and high emergency jobs requiring extreme precise welds such as with generators, gas tanks, or other sensitive equipment.

Other Applications for TIG Welding

  • Architectural Projects

  • Modifications for Home Fixtures

  • Pressure Vessels

  • Security Sensitive Projects

  • Marine-Based Equipment

Although TIG welding is a slow process that can’t be rushed regardless of the job, once complete this type of weld doesn’t require grinding at the end because it leaves a naturally clean finish. In TIG Welding the heat applied to the metals is controlled entirely by the welder. A highly skilled welder is needed to achieve this type of precise weld. TIG Welds can be made will little or no filler. TIG welding can be applied to any thickness in metal. The heat applied to the weld can vary in intensity and also yield a low distorted weld.

Specific metals such as aluminum benefit tremendously from TIG welding because of the thinness and naturally fragile state of the metal. Hence, TIG welding is the preferred method of welding any aluminum based project.

Other Advantages of TIG Welding

  • Yields an accurate weld.

  • Great for small and delicate welds.

  • Leaves a clean and aesthetically pleasing weld.

  • No sparks, smoke, or fumes emitted from TIG welding.

  • Only need Argon Gas for TIG welds and same gas protects the tungsten and the weld.

  • Can be used to create or repair a project of any size.

Contact San Diego Mobile Welding for your one-stop shop for any TIG welding application. Our qualified and certified TIG welders are highly efficient. We offer on-call, quick and reliable service. TIG welding parts are not easy to obtain and we understand time is of essence for many last minute emergency jobs. Leave the worrying to us to meet the needs of your project at hand. With our well-known name around the San Diego area we can provide immediate service and accessibility to quality parts from major vendors. We will carefully inspect all of our finished jobs for surface quality and we can guarantee you will be satisfied with our quality work that you will want to keep us as your number one San Diego Mobile Welding client.

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