Aluminum Welding

The process of welding aluminum can be viewed as an artistic skill critical in the workmanship of an educated and professional welder. As a one-stop shop for all your mobile welding needs, we understand the concept that not all metals are created equal. It takes top quality skills and expertise to produce an immaculate welding job with the unique characteristics of aluminum alloys. At San Diego Mobile Welding meet and exceed the standards for all of our aluminum welding jobs no matter how complex they are. We can repair broken structures, secure an emergency tank or pipe, or perform any other type of structural modification and with our impeccable record of workmanship we will execute a job well done.


Other Applications for Aluminum Welding

  • Railing/Fencing Assemblies

  • Aluminum castings

  • Architectural Modifications

  • Mobile Equipment Assembly Repair

  • Pipes
  • Structural steel
  • Emergency Equipment Repair

  • Marine-based Welding

Why choose San Diego Mobile Welding for your aluminum welding projects? From concept to finish, it takes extreme precision, dexterity, and patience to produce a superior aluminum welding job from a skilled welder coupled with top quality aluminum welding equipment. We take pride in our expertise of welding the complex aluminum metals. As professional welders we treat every job no matter how big or small with the same level of professionalism and diligence to make sure we meet our customer’s needs. We perceive every aluminum welding job we complete as our personalized signature we are leaving behind.


Characteristics of Aluminum Welding

Aluminum is lightweight but very strong and durable. This structurally distinctive metal can definitely hold its own. In comparison to other metals such as steel, aluminum is considered pound for pound stronger and more resilient. Welding aluminum is generally thought of as a more complex and challenging metal to weld. Aluminum is not a dense metal, therefore the specialized practice of TIG welding is ideally utilized to assemble or repair all aluminum alloys. With the proper technique and equipment a high quality aluminum weld can be achieved with little challenges. At San Diego Mobile Welding we understand the unique properties of welding aluminum and we can professionally weld various forms of aluminum which include and not limited to:

  • Plates

  • Bars

  • Sheets

  • Rods

  • Forgings

At San Diego Mobile Welding we’ve worked with a wide range of industries and have instilled the confidence in every one of our clients to achieve any job big or small even despite extreme and challenging working conditions.

Are you stalled in the middle of an urgent project because of a structure or part that needs repair? Call San Diego Mobile Welding. We will meet you on-site, late hours, odd hours and in the most demanding of situations and meet any deadline you present to us for any aluminum welding job. Hire the qualified and experienced welding professionals at San Diego Mobile Welding to tackle any aluminum welding project.


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