Welding Symbols

1. Reference Line

The reference line is a basic symbol and required element. It is drawn horizontally. The information required to preform the welding is listed below or above the reference line. More than one reference line may be included listing a sequence of operations with the reference line closest to the arrow being the first operation.

2. Arrow

The Arrow side of the joint its pointing to is called the the arrow side of the weld with the operation to be preformed will be listed between the reference line and drawing. The opposite side will be listed on the opposing side of the reference line

3. Tail

A tail is added at the end of a reference line to include additional information about the welding process. The tail includes additional information about the welding work such as job number, code reference, backing material, welding procedure, filler metal,  and process designation.

4. Weld Symbols, (most common)

Square groove, Scarf groove, V groove, Bevel groove, U groove, J groove, Flare-V groove, Flare-Bevel groove, Fillet joint, Plug/Slot, Stud, Spot/Projection, Seam, Back/Backing, Surfacing, Edge

5. Dimensions

The dimensions of the welding procedure are listed on the reference line, on the arrowside. The weld size is written on the left of the weld symbol. The length of the welding will be on the right but if left blank the welding needs to be done for the whole side of the joint.

6. Finish Symbols

G Grinding

C Chipping

H Hammering

M Machining

R Rolling