Welding Procedure Specification WPS

Welding Procedure Specification

Standard Welding Procedure Specification SWPS.

AWS sells standard SWPS. They are licensed to be used in shop or field but have to use the specs such as amps, volts, weld pass heating requirements.  Engineer needs to sign off on SWPS. AWS does not provide SWPS for Mig welding. There arent any SWPS for AWS D1.5


  • Usually Approved by CWI, not required to be approved by engineer
  • Maximum Electrode Diameter
  • Maximum Current
  • Maximum Root Pass Thickness
  • Maximum Fill Pass Thickness
  • Maximum Single Pass Fillet Weld Size
  • Maximum single Pass Layer Width

Qualified by Training

  • Visual Inspection
  • Non-Destructive Testing, usually X-Ray or Ultra Sound testing
  • Face, Root, or Slide Bends
  • Reduced Section (Dogbone)
  • All-Weld-Metal Tension
  • Macroetch

Positions Qualified

Postition Tested                                    Qualified

  • 1G- Flat                                                      Flat
  • 2G- Horizontal                                       Flat, Horizontal
  • 3G- Vertical                                             Vertical
  • 4G- Overhead                                         Overhead

Performance Qualification Record (PQR)

  • At Least one required for every WPS
  • Essential Variables requiring Requalifications
  • Filler Metal
  • Electrical Parameters
  • Shielding Gas
  • SAW Parameters
  • General

(Individual) Welding Performance Qualification (WPQ)

Qualification Tests Required

  • Visual Inspection
  • Face, Root, or Side Bends
  • Macroetch

Difference between a qualified and certified

Positions Tested                                Qualified

  • 1G-Flat                                        Flat
  • 2G-Horizontal                         Flat, Horizontal
  • 3G-Vertical                               Flat, Horizontal, Vertical
  • 4G- Overhead                          Flat, Overhead
  • 3G + 4G                                       All positions

Continuity Records

  • Should have a continuity record of all the welding work performed in the same type of certification with no more than a lapse of 6 months.
  • All Certified Welders who’s period of effectiveness has lapsed shall be required to be recertified  by taking weld test.