Problems with Welds

There are several types of problems with welds that can occur, categories are

Porosity in Weld


Slag inclusions in Weld

Slag inclusions happens because of improper clean of slag between beads. All slag needs to be removed and weld should be wire brushed before the next bead is welded over a previous weld bead.

Weld cracks

Difference between weld crack and weld failures is in the timing. Weld cracks occur during or right after the welding work. Cold crack are usually hydrogen related

Weld Failures

overload, underdesign or fatigue

Avoid weld Failures by

Best way to avoid all these welding problems is to use proper welding squences, preheat metal, check interpass temperature, postweld cool down, joint design, follow welding procedures, use the right filler metal, set machine to correct amps and current, and always clean metal before welds and between welds.