Pipe Welding

Welding pipe is a critical skill to have before taking on jobs. Because pipe welding is so challenging, once you hone your skills, the amount of projects that can be completed successfully increases exponentially. Pipes will almost always be made out of steel, since steel is strong, cheap, and abundant. There are a broad range of application steel pipe is used for:



Pipes that are primarily used as handrails and frames for gates. Other uses includes low pressure environments such as transporting liquids like water and natural gases.



These pipes are intended for moderately rated pressure environments where the hazardous corrosive chemicals. They are also used in heavy duty railings, posts for signs and lights.



Commonly found in refineries, high pressure pipe is used in heavy industrial equipment and structures transporting high temperature steam and extremely flammable liquids. This high pressure pipe can also be found used in truck axles and vehicle frames like roll cages.