Mobile Welding Call to Production Facility

We got a mobile welding service call to go out to a small factory in Otay, south county San Diego. Our task was to modify an industrial conveyer belt by extending and securing the height of the end of the belt. Floor mounts and slightly adjusted them back via cut wheels on a grinder. We prepared the extension by cutting a channel bar with a chop saw. After chopping the channel, we stick welded a floor plate to the end to prep it for… weld onto conveyor belt. The prepared channel was then welded onto the conveyer belt with extra clearence for later adjustments. After re-adjusting the floor plate, we adjusted the structural supports to restore integrity to the infrastructure.





Welding Base Bracket

Welding Base Bracket 2

Welded Base Bracket for Post

Positioning of Base Bracket

Welding Base to Structure

Drilling Holes for Bolts

Structural Reinforcement

Spot Repairs along Conveyor Belt